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HUG was founded in May 2020 by Thomas Hobmaier, Frederic Utz and Jochen Gutbrod. Three people who have all been rooted in the industry for 20 years. Jochen is an expert in the field of design and Thomas has been successful in sales and communication for years. Fred is a master craftsman and built Steingasse 14 in Heidelberg together with Thomas. The founders had long wanted to create a collection according to their ideas.


It was then time to put the decision into practice in this constellation. With a common goal and a common sense of aesthetics, they have launched their own brand within a year.


The name HUG simply stands for the initials of their surnames: Hobmaier, Utz and Gutbrod. As easily as it came together, the meaning is so beautiful and on point - a hug. It is what correlates to us and how we want to do our job.


Responsible for: Northern Germany and Scandinavia



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