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We are all affected by the current situation - new approaches and ideas are needed. And since we want to show you the GLCO innovations for spring 2021 as soon as possible, we have come up with something special.

Together with our colleagues in Amsterdam we have found a way to visit you digitally - it's quick, easy, contactless and above all: with a lot of fun and little risk for all of us!

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From January 27th, 2021 we will be giving appointments online to see the new products with you. You will receive the package with the innovations in good time directly from our office in Amsterdam.

At a ZOOM meeting we then go through the news together - as usual - and you decide which one you think is particularly great! There is also time to whip up the existing warehouse - and of course time to talk too!


We have installed an online calendar on our website - you can book your favorite date here! Each slot is estimated at 1.5 hours - but we are of course flexible!

It takes about a week until the package with the new products is with you - so appointments can only be booked at least one week in advance.

You can find the link to register here:

Count me in!

Of course you can also call us or write an email .


We miss the fairs, traveling and visiting you very much. As soon as the situation eases a bit, we will travel and plan visits as usual.

However, we have a responsibility to you, ourselves and all of society. This is an option, an offer to you to see the new products as soon as possible - you can touch them, try them on and at the same time take advantage of our help and advice.

We can't hug you (yet) - but nothing stands in the way of an almost "normal" appointment - together and yet at a distance.

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