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True - A Luxury Sales Agency


Über mich
Markus Neuhof Carina König

TRUE LSA - that's Markus Neuhof and Carina König, who have been successfully selling luxury items in the eyewear sector for more than 15 years.

We look after the areas of Germany, Austria and Scandinavia with a lot of passion and commitment. We specialize in individual products and exceptional customers who want to address a specific target group.

Our company name also stands for our mission: we want to enter into a real and binding partnership - both with the producers and with our customers. We believe that a real relationship and a professional work environment lead to the most desirable outcome: a win-win situation for all parties.

The focus is on the satisfaction of our customers - both with our products and with our service.

We maintain a focus on the quality rather than the

quantitiy of our partners. The key to long term success

is true and friendly relationships. "

Mission statement true LSA

Our collections are selected, high-quality frames and accessories - they stand for individuality, design and high quality.

Schwarzes Wasser


trUe - A Luxury Sales Agency

TEL .: +49 (0) 171 47 00 567 | MAIL@TRUE-LSA.COM

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